Welcome to 7ET!
The 7th edition of the Typography Meeting is a conference hosted by CIAUD – Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design, based at the Faculty of Architecture (University of Lisbon). Following the previous conference editions, this Meeting aims to continue focusing in the promotion and dissemination of the quality of type design, typography and the research in this subject, in Portugal. It is also our intention to strengthen the presence of international designers and researchers in the conference.

Typography is today, as it has been throughout history, a communication tool that can facilitate the reader's guidance and contribute to give meaning of what one reads, by relying on sensitivity and intelligence to create meaningful and memorable objects.
All typography – classical or contemporary, experimental or conventional, formal or informal, neutral or expressive, organic or geometric, delicate or heavy, serious or fun – makes use of rhythm to communicate. Without rhythm we can not talk about typography.

"Rhythmus" is the general theme of the 7th Meeting on Typography – term that we can associate to measure, order, proportion or simply to what flows or moves.
We challenge the typographic community – designers, researchers, teachers and students – to share projects, research and reflexions. We hope that this background subject will encourage the dissemination, reflection and debate in the various areas in which typography works: type design, editorial design, printed typography, multimedia typography, typography associated to products and typography in architectural spaces.

The meeting will take place over three days, with workshops on Thursday, November 24, oral presentation of research projects on Friday, November 25, and conferences with keynote speakers on Saturday, November 26.