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Foundational hand, Calligraphy Workshop

19th and 20th of November (total: 21 hours)

10a.m. › 6p.m. (Lunch from 1p.m. › 2p.m.)
from 10 to 25 students
120 €


This calligraphy course is for students to learn a new style of writing focused on beauty and aesthetics, that incorporates the basic anatomy of letters by using traditional instruments of writing. In addition, the student will acquire an understanding of the basics of lettering, typography, logo design, font design and page layout design.

The purpose of this course is to teach general information about the development of the Latin alphabet and calligraphy writing in Roman letters using the methodology of Edward Johnston’s "Foundational Hand”, with traditional materials.

Afterwards, students will learn the relationship between upper and lower case letters using the key character "O" and thus understand the logic of calligraphy.

Finally, students will develop a final work with the application of correct spacing and layout.


Examples of how writing arose and developed until the present day.

"Foundational Hand" character structuring techniques with pencil. The writing of letters in skeletal proportion to the basic letter "o".

Demonstrations and practice using traditional materials of calligraphy.

The use of nib and the basic structure by rules of height, width, weight and balance of optical and anatomical letters.

Spacing between letters, words and lines.


A dip pen with a 3 mm steel nib (preferably Brause) + Pen holder and brush (to put ink on the pen tip)
Quality A4 paper
A napkin (to clean the pen nib)
All materials will be available and can be purchased on site for € 15
Lefties must bring their own materials



Letterpress, Tipografia Dias

19th and 20th of November (total: 14 hours)

10a.m. › 6p.m. (lunch break from 1p.m. › 2p.m.)
Place: Tipografia Dias [Rua João Saraiva 28A, 3th floor, Lisbon]
From 6 to 10 Students


Taking place in the workshop with a “hands-on experience”, this course aims to provide a typographic experimentation similar to the technique attributed to Gutenberg. Participants will have access to manipulate with their own hands over hundred typefaces. This workshop will offer the basis of the printing technique for composing and printing with movable type of wood and lead, as well an assortment of lines and ornaments.

It is proposed that each participant to develop a composition with characters, words or other elements, exploring a variety of graphic concepts. Alternatively an experimentation can be developed with the characters creating compositions with a linguistic meaning or a free graphic exploration.

Finally each participant prints proofs of their work in manual presses, where each print is a single copy that conveys an exclusive texture, as unique as its own fingerprint.

This workshop provides the basic principles that enable the use of the materials and characters, as well as the printing presses for proofing. Participants will therefore safely enjoy the usage of the delicate and “endangered” typographic tools.

The workshop includes ink and paper for proofs. Participants are invited to bring all kinds of special papers, old newspapers etc., Same for fonts, if they have any, that can be used during the workshop.



Workshop RUHÁ

24th of November

5p.m. › 9p.m.
From 10 to 30 students
45€ (RUHA kit included)


- to comprehend the alphabet as a system of forms related to each other.

- to acquire skills on the construction, form, proportion, contrast, classification and spacing of capital letters.

- to explore the message content through the form, taking advantage of multi-stylistic potential of the template.


RUHÁ was initially developed as a teaching tool for Graphic Design students to learn while experiencing the shape of the letter, a significant carrier of meaning in graphic communication. Subsequently, it has established itself as an independent project, materializing into a product that can reach out to the whole community.

Ruha has the rational rigidity of the Roman du Roi, a font, curated by Louis XIV (century. XVII) for the Imprimerie Royale, for which the Academy of Sciences has developed a typographic model based on geometric proportions. In contrast, it is a flexible tool enabling a variety of typographic styles to be developed piece-by-piece.

Operating a multi-stylistic typesetting system, this stencil ruler presents a proposal for a didone style typographical model in which a variety of complementary versions can be developed on the same basis.

The model is the result of a decomposition / synthesis of elementary forms of the alphabet and their interrelations, allowing the design of a system with a piece-by-piece building logic which enables the operation of several styles with in the same typographic category.

While following the model or exploring its possibilities, the aim is for participants to explore the message through the font’s graphic and ideographic potential, learning by doing and experiencing concepts of construction, form, proportion, contrast, classification and spacing of the letters.



Handle with care: A type design workshop to design fonts with all your love and attention

November 24th (total: 8 hours)

10a.m. › 7p.m. (lunch break from 1p.m. › 2p.m.)
Between 8 and 15 students
Price per student:
€ 25 students
€ 60 non-students


Participants are asked to bring drawings of a pre determined group of letters that will be created before the date of the workshop. The designs will be evaluated and re-structured following parameters of good typographic practice. Small theoretical sessions will be complemented with tutorials and demonstrations. In addition, group critique sessions will be held. Once the designs have been refined, they will be converted to the digital medium in order to develop a digital alphabet using professional procedures in type design.

Necessary Materials

Mac computer.

Trial version of Glyphs.

Pencil, graph paper, ruler.




Hand drawn lettering design techniques

November 24th (total: 6 hours)

10a.m. › 5p.m. (lunch break from 1p.m. › 2p.m.)
Between 8 and 16 students
€ 35


Identify the various contexts of application of lettering and to match its drawing to a specific purpose (form/function);

Acquire notions of lettering sketches, structure and letter form;

Have the ability to develop a method that allows the evolution of the first sketches to the final drawing, making the necessary corrections throughout the drawing process.


All professionals and students of design, plastic arts and other creative areas that are interested in developing manual lettering design techniques can participate in this workshop;

No need for any prior knowledge of manual lettering design;


Introduction of various lettering styles and their application in different contexts;

Sketching Techniques for lettering design;

Supervised free drawing exercises;

Presentation of the final draft and discussion of results.

Necessary Materials

Pencil and / or mechanical pencil ;


Set square and / or ruler ;

Pen / black marker to finish drawing .


A4 normal and transparent sketching paper;

A4 prints with alphabets models for participants



Attendance to the workshops is limited to the available seats. Those who wish to attend workshops have to register by filling in the REGISTRATION FORM and follow the given instructions.

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